Jonathan Kite

I used to work with Jonathan Kite. It was my early twenties. I hadn’t yet settled into my life. Neither had he. We had delusions. I was going to be a world famous musician and author and he was going to be a world famous film maker. Then our lives got a little up-ended. I left the band I was in for the cliched of cliches [musical differences] and he got offered some modelling work. Suddenly this humble, intelligent and completely charming dude of a dude was being asked to mug beautifully for the camera and the film making bit got pushed to the back for a bit. I then left the place of work to start a camera as a charity worker and we kept vague contact, hearing about each other from friends.

Recently, I’ve been wondering what happened to him. Fair enough he probably went the direction of most people you work with: they carry on working and you carry on working and you eventually get consigned to the filing cabinet of colleagues, either in the top drawer for nut/hot, middle drawer for safe geeza or bottom drawer for never made an impact. I guess we both filed each other in the middle drawer. But that’s what Facebook’s for right? So I try and hunt the dude down. I’m friends with others from that workplace, some were bottom drawers (and probably filed me there to boot) and I can’t find him. So I go to Google and here’s the actual bit I wanted to say, excuse the lengthy wannabe-poignant preamble: There are a lot of Jonathan Kites in the world and they are weirdos.

First off there’s a guy who advertises himself as actor, comedian, lover- it says he has ‘quickly made a name for himself as a passionate, lovable performer who passionately loves performing’ but the most work he’s done is on the internet.

Then there’s the energy healer. He ‘is a qualified holistic therapist and has been studying the mind-body connection for many years (transactional analysis, behavioural styles, NLP master practitioner and trainer.’ He wears tinted glasses. Creepo material.

There’s also Jonathan Kite who went to some American high school like Big Falls or Rapid Village or something and he is obviously pissed on tequila in his profile shot.

Then there’s the dog trainer, the accountant, the accountant who loves dogs and this comedian actor lover guy. Where’s my Jonathan Kite?- still filed in the middle drawer I’m afraid. Shame, he was top drawer material.

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