100 days: Stories of immigrants and dresses [1] #65

Anand’s relationship with Meena had taken on a strange and immasculating turn for him as well. He was barely hanging on. They barely liked each other. Everytime she was around they had hissed arguments but we barely saw her because she could barely bear to be in the same room as us. She hated me and thought Nishant was a doofus. However, she needed Anand. His thin short bony hips and flat chest gave him the perfect frame for a female model. Meena had dreams of designing sarees, mixing Western designs like tartan and tribal Maori patterns with Indian sequins and who better to model the lime green and fluorescent yellow monstrosities than Anand and his slight frame. The sarees were cut differently, instead of having to wrap around buxom hip-filled frames, they were designed for slight sexy blonde girls. Anand insisted that he be photographed from the neck downwards so his face was never visible and she obliged. You’d never be able to tell it was him, he looked that much like a pigeon-chested teenage girl. But we knew.

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