Asian Network and me

I think some people have missed the point about Asian Network, bandying about lazy comparisons about how there isn’t a British network (no, just an entire Broadcasting Corporation) so why should there be an Asian Network? Sure, it isn’t perfect (and I say this in their employ), it doesn’t always hit the right spots, has a far wide remit and playlists some right stinkers, but it is needed as a niche station. It plays niche Asian music. It’s not a network FOR Asians, it’s a network of Asian art and music and culture that anyone can dip into. A friend of mine was telling me today how she listens to Asian Network for her Bollywood updates and movie gossip. Her name’s Genevieve and she’s from Eltham. Yes, they exist, white and black people who listen to Asian Network because they dig the output. I don’t listen to everything on Asian Network and resent the idea that there’s one station for one person’s listening habits. I listen to 6Music (save 6Music too while we’re here), Radio 4, Radio 3, Absolute, Asian Network, X fm and NPR for This American Life. Yes, it caters for a taste of mine. I listen to Friction for Asiatic dubstep. It may be a niche but it’s niche not being satisfied anywhere else. Anyone making lazy allusions to racial politics is a fucking idiot because the whole point of the station is to satisfy the need for that output, not the need to satisfy a minority, regardless of that minority being the primary audience. True story.

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