Tips on Reading

Remember that reading live and reading in your head are two different things.

Remember that there are between 2 and 200 people sat in front of you.

Remember to look up and smile or make a connection with one or two or all of them.

Remember to make your audience feel included.

Remember to read to the back row; you’ll pick up everyone inbetween you and there.

Remember you don’t have to read every single word you’ve written down.

Remember your voice has more than one pitch.

Remember what character is saying what and how this differs from the prose bits.

Remember that not everyone gets your obscure idea so communicate it quickly.

Remember to introduce yourself and your story; don’t rely on the host’s introduction.

Remember that you can break the fourth wall and comment on the action or yourself or a character.

Remember, remember that someone might be bored. How will you stop them being bored?

Remember to pick a piece that works well in a room full of people.

Remember this is being said out loud.

Remember to practice in front of a mirror.

Remember that sentences running on through a page-turn should half be memorised.

Remember that they’re here to see you.

Remember you’re up here because you’ve been validated for being good.

Remember that not every piece on the page works live.

Remember to smile.

Remember to engage.

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  1. I just trawled your blog for this as I remembered seeing it ages ago. This is brilliant advice. Many thanks, Paul.

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