‘Lemonade was a popular drink and still is…’

Guru, Gang Starr (from the song ‘DWYCK’)

Guru, how do you know lemonade is still a popular drink? Are you simply informing us that your personal preference is lemonade? Or are you opening this up to the opinions of your crew? To your neighbourhood? To your area? To your city? To the world? Do you and your boys go to the pub and order lemonade, because it’s a popular drink? Is the go-to drink in your house lemonade? Because in ours, it’s tea. I’ve always wondered about this sweping statement about the popularity of lemonade. Because I suspect that lemonade in the UK and lemonade in the US are two separate things. Here, lemonade is fizzy lemon-flavoured soda water, like R Whites or Schweppes. In America, it’s like lemon barley water, the stuff they call lemonade. What we call lemonade, they brand as 7Up or Sprite, even though these are just brand names. So, if lemonade (the American kind) is what you’re referring to in the song, Guru, then it’s not a popular drink here, because we don’t really drink it. If you’re expanding it out to include fizzy lemon-flavoured soda water,t hen it’s still not the popular go-to soft drink in the country. That’s probably coke or something evil. If we’re being honest though, Guru, tea is more popular than lemonade.

‘Tea was a popular drink, and still is… I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis.’ That’s more like it. I’m tickled by the idea of a bunch of gangsters and OGs sat around, 9mm guns hanging out the waistband of their super-baggy jeans, shooting dice and sipping on lemonade.

When my friend went through a big anti-capitalism phase, he invented the opposite of a JD and coke and went for a Jamesons and lemonade. I latched on to this, thinking hmmmm Guru says lemonade’s a popular drink, and it still is- and I get to look slightly different. I never realised that I’m essentially drinking a 14 year old’s drink, but with Jamesons instead of Southern Comfort.

But who is to say that lemonade is the first drink you’d think of if someone asked you to name your top 5 favourite drinks- we’re not specifying soft drink here, it’s drink, according to the lyrics of the song. ANY drink. If we were on Family Fortunes right now, and Les Dennis said that he’d surveyed 100 people to find out what their favourite drinks were, you would never dare say lemonade, because that’s got EH-EHHHH written all over it.

Off the top of my head, my top 5 favourite drinks are:

1) Cold Red Stripe in a can

2) Coffee

3) Mango juice

4) Banana milkshake

5) Water

Lemonade wouldn’t even get a look-in.

Rest in peace Guru. You were one of the greatest. I don’t want to comment too much on the acrimonious and disgusting way your death has been handled by your supposed new best friend and what he’s trying to do to your legacy while trying to pave the way for lots of Tupac-style posthumous releases, but you were one of the originators. Your simple flow and lazy husky ice-cold voice were amazing. You sounded the best over a Preemo beat, you made those beats. You had mass appeal and you wrote the one rap lyric I quote the most because it tickles me so much. This blog is about 15 years too late and could be seen as taking your death lightly. But I’m not. You were one of the best and you will never be forgotten.

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