Seeing as it’s been written about in the trade press, here’s the exciting news about the sitcom I’ve been working for Channel 4’s Comedy Lab. It’s based on an original idea by Riz Ahmed, Nick Hearne and me. It’s about kabaddi and it’s called Kabadasses.

Apologies to Broadcast Now for cutting and pasting this article from beyond their paywall but here’s the official announcement:

‘C4 Comedy Lab to wrestle with kabbadi theme

10 February, 2011 | By Balihar Khalsa

The first Channel 4 Comedy Lab for 2011 is based on kabbadi – the Indian sport that achieved cult status on C4 in the early 1990s.

A pilot of Kabadasses has been ordered from Objective Productions by comedy commissioning editor Nerys Evans.

Written by Nikesh Shulka, the show will follow friends Bobby and Vin as they try to put together a multi-racial kabbadi team. Kabbadi is a team contact sport, similar to wrestling, commonly played in India and Bangladesh.

Evans said: “Nikesh has created such a unique and funny world with Kabadasses, he’s definitely a talent to watch. We’ve also managed to assemble the dream team to work alongside him.”

The executive producer for Objective is Phil Clarke and former producer/director of The Office and writer of Goodness Gracious Me Anil Gupta will produce and direct the pilot.

C4 Comedy Labs aim to find the best new comedy talent. Talent previously discovered includes Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell and Robert Webb, and Fonejacker’s Kayvan Novak.

This year’s Comedy Labs are expected to be broadcast in the autumn.’


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3 responses to “Announcing… KABADDASSES

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  2. Preethi

    LOL…..promises to be hilarious!!!! Thanks for cutting and pasting – we can now read it!!! ;-))))))

  3. Marco

    Very funny mate! Good opportunity for a series. Why does the article say a ” multi racial team ” ?. A chance to exploit the Alf Garnett / Love thy neighbour type politically correct and racists alike.

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