The Subaltern podcast episode 15: Stuart Evers

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It’s too easy to make a pun-tastic intro to this Stuart Evers podcast. Insert one here………………….. He wrote Ten Stories About Smoking. He wrote If This Is Home. Both are about men and self-delusion and the things that keep us from settling down. Both are bittersweet books. Both are brilliant. So I interviewed him. We’ve known each other for a while, which is why this is a proper interview instead of a geeky ‘HEY REMEMBER WHEN WE DID THAT THING’ style thing. I’m serious now. We got a write-up in Metro. And so, I must remember the old adage, with great coverage comes great responsibility. Or something…

We talk about If This Is Home, web 2.0 vs writing, writing about home and where Stuart gets his ideas from (spoiler alert: his mum).

So, here we are again… The Subaltern Podcast – Author Nikesh Shukla talks to other writers and authors and novelists about stuff, from writing to r’n’b. It’s the anti-panel discussion.


Logo designed by Sanjai Dave
Location provided by a riverside pub with a crying baby in the background.
Music provided by Vee Kay (Three Kings High)
Thanks to Stuart for the liquid lunch interview.

Follow me on Twitter: @nikeshshukla
Follow Stuart on Twitter: @stuartevers

‘If This Is Home’ is out on Picador Books on 5 July 2012.

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