The Subaltern podcast episode 17: Todd Zuniga

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Rocking all over the world… from LA to Berlin to London to Paris to Frisco to wherever Literary Death Match has been changing your life, it’s Todd Zuniga!

Todd Zuniga is an author of short fiction and much talk about sports. He is the creator of Literary Death Match. He is my favourite person to talk to about television and writing. But he’s living in LA right now, so how can we discuss Breaking Bad? This will probably be the first in series of regular chats with Todd – in this we talk, Literary Death Match’s international status, hobnobbing with the stars in LA, whether writers in New York actually like each other and the new season of Breaking Bad.

So, here we are again… The Subaltern Podcast – Author Nikesh Shukla talks to other writers and authors and novelists about stuff, from writing to r’n’b. It’s the anti-panel discussion.


Logo designed by Sanjai Dave
Location provided by the internet.
Music provided by Vee Kay (Three Kings High)
Thanks to Todd for not dancing till 5am before recording this.

Follow me on Twitter: @nikeshshukla
Follow Todd on Twitter: @toddzuniga

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