What we talk about when we eat #5

Vegetable gratin + roast potatoes + roasted parsnips + carrots + creamed leeks + vegetable gravy, pub, Bristol.

I was all meated out so opted for the vegetable roast. The gratin was too tomatoey and the kitchen of the pub had a window so I saw them microwaving our food, having preprepared it in bulk. This is not how Sunday roast was intended.

‘The problem with hating this government is they don’t give a shit what you think… so there’s no point.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘If I hated you and you were bothered about it and tried to sort it out, that hate would be justified. If I hated you and you didn’t care either way, why waste the energy hating?’

‘So you’re saying we should only hate the things that care whether you hate them?’


‘What about untoasted sliced white bread? I hate untoasted sliced white bread. I’m sure it doesn’t care either way.’

‘You’re being silly. Untoasted sliced white bread is inanimate…’

‘So’s the government…’

‘Ha. No, what I’m trying to say is… why hate the government? That takes up too much time. Turn that hate into fight and maybe it’s worth it.’

‘It sounds like you’re trying to recruit me for a freedom fighters league…’

‘I think we’d be a federation, if we existed. Not a league. We’re not competing with other freedom fighters.’

‘A federation of freedom fighters?’

‘Yeah… a consortium of contras.’

‘The activist’s association.’

‘Exactly. But my point is, you hate all the stuff the government is doing with shutting down libraries, even though you never use them. Why not, instead of hating what the government’s doing, just go to a library, use it, make it so unbelievably indispensable and then maybe that fight’ll save the library.’

‘Yeah, but, you know… I can doing all my hating from the comfort of the pub.’

‘Maybe that’s why you ordered the gratin. You wanted to be disappointed.’

‘Yeah. I should have had the beef.’

‘It’s delicious.’

‘I know. I hate you.’

‘I don’t really care.’

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