The Subaltern podcast episode 18: Elizabeth Day

Download episode 18: Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth with a ZED Day is on the frickin podcast, y’all. She of the Observer, she of the award-winning novel ‘Scissors, Paper, Stone’, she of the most soothing voice in the world. I could sit and listen to them tones all of the day and all of the night. This episode is pretty freewheeling to say the least. We get through a lot: we’ve not read each other’s books, I tell an embarrassing teenage asking a girl out story, we celebrate Dr Dre, we talk about writing, we talk about Clint Eastwood. Elizabeth touches her nose with her tongue (an audio delight) and we play sunglasses tennis.

So, here we are again… The Subaltern Podcast – Author Nikesh Shukla talks to other writers and authors and novelists about stuff, from writing to r’n’b. It’s the anti-panel discussion.


Logo designed by Sanjai Dave
Location provided by sunny beer gardens overlooking the canal.
Music provided by Vee Kay (Three Kings High)
Thanks to Elizabeth for letting me have some shade.

Follow me on Twitter: @nikeshshukla
Follow Elizabeth on Twitter: @elizabday

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