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Nikesh is represented by Jamie Coleman (books) at Toby Eady Associates and Georgina Ruffhead (film/TV) at David Higham Associates

4 responses to “Contact

  1. hi nikesh

    I’m a friend of bob’s aka james hearne.
    He told me about your book and i hope to read it.
    curious maybe about what you think of some of my tunage.
    all on the website but also in full at

    could ‘doors on the shores’, when i make a vid go in the yearly song list?

    hope all’s well and all the best for the new year.

  2. Hiya Nikesh- I work for the london comedy writer’s festival- heard about your latest pilot for Kabadasses and wanted to have a chat with you- might even be great to get you to come and be a speaker at the festival on a panel.

    Check out the website- we’ve got some awesome guests lined up- pop me an email if you want to get in touch :)


  3. Hello Nikesh,

    A friend of mine took me down to the Man/Machine at the Word festival a couple of weeks ago, where I had the pleasure of seeing you perform your robot dance machine piece (I’m sorry, I forget the actual title!). I was primed for a evening of intense performance art (such is my friend’s normal choice of entertainment) and found myself giggling away at your story. I related to your dance floor disability, comic book refrences, and above all,robots .
    I am a animation director and felt that a shorter version of the piece might make a great little film. I would be honoured if you took a look at my website ( and hopefully there might be something of interest.
    If so, please dont hestitate to get in contact.
    p.s I bought your book. No pressure.


  4. hey!
    I read coconut unlimited a few weeks back..
    it was reallly good, loved the flow of the book. I could totally picture the characters and imagine some of my desi uni friends from harrow to be like that when in school.
    the line “sometimes all we are left with is shared experiences” has really stuck with me.
    well done!

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