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The Subaltern podcast episode 19: Joe Stretch


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This is an adult podcast containing adult themes about an adult book called ‘The Adult’. There, we got the lame-ass puns out of the way. Now we can talk about Joe Stretch and his fantastic new book. It’s brilliant. Okay? Do you really need me to sell it to you? It’s about families, fame and failure. It’s about the nineties. It’s the funniest book. It’s the saddest book. He’s brilliant. Okay?


Calm down guys. Why are you getting so aggy with me?

Joe very kindly met me for a beer mere hours before his packed book launch. We talked about our love of reading, The Dark Knight Rises (oh boy, it gets heated) and what songs we want played at our funerals. Joe and I discuss ‘The Adult’ at length because it’s one of my favourite books I’ve read this year.

The Subaltern Podcast – Author Nikesh Shukla talks to other writers and authors and novelists about stuff, from writing to r’n’b. It’s the anti-panel discussion.


Logo designed by Sanjai Dave
Location provided by NoHo (that’s North of SoHo to you and me)
Music provided by Vee Kay (Three Kings High)
Thanks to Joe for being a good sport and doing the interviewing despite nerves about the evening.

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Follow Joe on Twitter: @joestretch (challenge him to a game of Ping Pong/Wiff Waff)

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my book ‘Coconut Unlimited’ is awesome…

Coconut Unlimited

Coconut Unlimited

Don’t take my word for it… take the words of some of publishing’s finest, collated below. Sure I’m frustrated that it hasn’t been picked up yet and the ‘but…’ bit that usually follows the really nice comments is about how tough publishing currently is and people needing hits, making me think I should go away and write a Dan Brown-esque thriller called the Sanskrit Code or something (I’ve trademarked this idea). I thought I’d collate all the nice things people have been saying because they are valid and shouldn’t be consigned to my inbox. ‘Coconut Unlimited’ is a frakking great piece of work and it will sell and that’s not hubris, it’s a belief in the material. So thanks publishers for the kind words. I know this isn’t hugely professional or ‘traditional’ but sod it… I’ve collated comments on different ‘likes’ in the material. If you’re an editor or reader or literary agent reading this and want a copy, holla at your boy…

Jonathan Cape: ‘I really enjoyed the sample chapters – it is well written, sharply observed, and very, very funny. It looks set to be a remarkable memoir.’

Big lit agent: ‘there is great energy in the book, and I enjoyed reading about Amit, Anand and Nishant’s misadventures’

Atlantic: ‘I enjoyed reading it – the sense of time and place is really well done’

Granta: ‘I admire the energy throughout its pages.  Your book has a gritty, modern honesty to it, and manages to remember with verve — which is to say, without being overly nostalgic for youth.’

Vintage: ‘Absolutely love what I’ve read so far… I’ve been laughing at every page (and obviously love all the Gangstarr/Public Enemy references)’

Big lit agent: ‘I love the title and the energy there and also the setting. I think it can work but I believe it needs a lot of work’ – fair enough… let’s go!

Big lit agent: ‘I like your narrative voice, and the whole subject has potential.’

So there you go… people like it… they have their reasons for not wanting to grab it yet, so thanks for the kind words publishers/agents/readers. At least I know I’m not rubbish… right? right?? Hello? Is this thing on?????

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